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Berlin is booming!

Everybody’s travelling to Berlin – tourism is unstoppable. Apart from London and Paris, Berlin is the most popular tourist destination in Europe. Almost 109 million day-trippers* came to the city in 2016 alone – almost 300,000 a day! And they don’t just take pictures and go sightseeing, they’re spending cash all day: 11.6 billion € per year* – trending up. Berlin visitors alone contribute 3.7 billion €* to retail revenue in the capital. That’s 50% more than in the last 10 years! The city is on the move. Everything is “to go”: a snack, a soda and, of course, a beer on the way to the party.

*Sources: Office of Statistics – Berlin Brandenburg Statistics / / Statista / Berliner Zeitung



» 109 million day-trippers
» 11.6 billion € annual turnover from tourists alone (trending up)
» Largest urban market in the EU

The capital of impulse buying

Buy what you want, when you want, wherever you want – always and everywhere. Today, 62.5%* of purchases are based on impulse decisions. Due to stress and time constraints, rational purchasing decisions are becoming less of a factor.

Impulse decisions are taking their place. Berlin visitors as well as Berliners like to buy impulsively. Up to 6,000 independent stores are available around the clock. They ensure the comprehensive availability of goods of all kinds. Getting your product into the retailers guarantees the highest possible visibility in the Berlin market.

The impulse market in independent stores is also excellent for brand development and the activation of new target audiences, because there are fewer competing products and more prominent shelf space placement.

*Source: Statista



» 62.5% of purchasing decisions are spontaneous purchases
» 6,000 independent stores offer “to go” consumption
» Comprehensive coverage of the Berlin market – around the clock
» Higher visibility


Your guarantor for more success

We develop individual success strategies for your product. With over 25 years of experience, we make things happen in Berlin POS. Our powerful network of 6,000 outstanding retail partners will let you establish your product in the Berlin market sustainably. And our focused direct sales force will achieve optimal positioning of your product. Our core competency gives your product turnkey access to the market! Your success is our focus. We open door for your brand in the largest* urban market in Europe (EU) – analytically, conceptually and creatively. Because success is calculable!

*Source: Wikipedia 



» Strategic market entry / placement of your product
» Focused direct sales
» Protecting your value chain
» Better visibility with fewer competing products

What we offer

Measurable results, a high level of expertise and a very experienced team are at your disposal. We’ll develop a custom success strategy for your product. Put our passion to the test in a noobligation personal consultation. We are looking forward to talking to you.

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